R36: Vivienne’s Blog

Vivienne’s Blog by Stephen Leaton

I bought this book with no idea of the narrative because I fell in love with the look of it.  The cover feels like leather and looks like a very old style diary which is a brilliant juxtaposition to it being a blog.

I love the black lace straps, except when I was in the bath they were too.  There is even a book mark attached at the back.  The pages are crinkly and just gorgeous.  There are sketches and weird calculations throughout.

I got lost in the narrative a lot, which is what Leaton wanted.  I guessed early on that it was a tale written by a mentally ill woman and was pretty close on the mark.  It intrigued me from start to finish.

There are Maori legends, genealogy and fairy tales amid darker tales of child abuse and kidnapping.

I love this book and am so keeping it and , reaping anything else he has written.  It may be patriotism since he is a New Zealander writer, but he lives in Auckland so maybe not!



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