This week…

I am watching: The Big Ward programme and the young 20 year old going for surgery tonight weighs less than I did when I started my weight loss journey.  That makes me sad and the fact I am obese all that much more real.  Surgery is not for me.  I find that going to the meetings for Weight Watchers helps me work on my social anxiety too and it is a very supportive environment.  Being obese is normal but something not just accepted but whose end is actively pursued.
I guess we all do whatever works best for us.  We can have a lot of co – morbid things happening for us complicating the recovery journey for any one of them.  I lost 1.1 kilo this week which was a really wonderful surprise to just boost what is really hard work to maintain.
This weeks photo includes a brand new cardigan that I found at the back of my wardrobe.
Feel free to share your story about, well anything!!!  I enjoy the conversation!

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