I dreamt of you tonight
It wasn’t how I wished
I need to know you’re happy
To know you are alright

The context was all wrong
Although you were my teacher
You withered in front of me
A death scene way too long

I miss you often and think
How long since we last spoke
Shared a walk and talk moment
Living learning our shared link

Missing you is too simplistic 
Your words, your lessons, you
Who you were as a person
Taught me dreams are realistic

If I work hard and follow your lead
Give voice to my hearts song
Purity of mind and action 
To every thought and deed

I might too live a life
Of quality and faith
That I am who I am
With limited internal strife

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    1. Thanks I miss Scott so very much. His book, written by those whose lives his teaching and gentle self he influenced and inspired is out later this year. I have a chapter in it and foresee a lot of tissues required to read it. He was such an amazing man. I just miss him.


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