The things we do…

I want to comment on some rituals that made me think.  One person told me that to weigh in each week they would wear the same outfit including jewelry.  Before weighing in they would remove their shoes and put on socks, remove any non standard items from cardigans to jewelry and then stand on the scales.  Some people go to the toilet in the seconds before weighing in. Some will not eat breakfast or drink prior to weigh in.  One person told me how they weighed all their skirts and that this one they had on weighed the least.

I would ask that you don’t laugh, instead think about the sports people who have admitted to rituals prior to every game.  While I don’t do some of these rituals, I did originally wear the same outfit and I stopped eating breakfast prior to weighing in.  I understand the logic of why we do it, we can be just that desperate to lose that gram of weight.  For reasons of pride, need, motivation, vanity or whatever it can be accredited to.

Seeing these rituals by others and becoming familiar with my own led me to consider how much time we spend just prior to weigh in.  When over the period between we were less rigid in our choices.  I do find it sad in some ways that the ritual is so religiously followed and yet the nutrition plan is not.

I decided early on not to wear the same clothes to each weigh in because it is about the weight under those clothes.  My weight is in physical and emotional terms.  Am I accepting how I look and weigh?  Can I see it for myself?  And yes it is important that I lose weight but my mind has to keep up with the changes or else I won’t make the lifestyle choices for a lifetime that I need and want to.

Feel free to share your rituals or thoughts on what I wrote.

The below photo is of my new t- shirt and will be worn to a weigh in, in the near future I am sure lol




What do you think?

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