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It is hard to know what to say when faced with war victims.  We hope our actions help. We want to save them but all they see is another uniform and try to brace for the inevitable pain.

This day, the sole survivor is not human. Behind his rigid guard position are the smoldering ruins of his home, including the burned corpses of his family.  The dog is in great condition indicating his place in village life; barely surviving themselves they obviously treasured this dog.

No one can get past the dog.  We want to document the devastation in the hopes of justice.  But the dog will not stop guarding what was once his.

No one can get past until Gerald knelt down, grasped the grieving dog with one hand on each side of his head and leaned in to put his lips to the dogs bowed head.

No words could touch the dog but someone needed to and did.

(Body of story is 160 words)

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  1. Wow so touching, I almost cried. So much grief encompassed in the dog who guards, the remains of his family. It is an amazing gift, that dogs sense emotion, have emotion, that a solder can kiss his head and they can both feel that grief. So well done, really!

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    1. Thank you. I found it hard to write and I had so many heroic animal stories in my head but I wanted to show animal emotion and how help can just be touch.


  2. I love the way the soldier gets through to the dog! I also love Jon’s comment on this story. That is so true, the dog has lost everything but continues to guard because that is all he knows to do. The love of the soldier helps change that. Wonderful story, Sam!

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