What were they thinking …?

I may be a little (okay a LOT) fanatical about keeping the NZ flag as it is but I have been worrying that I based the decision on the wrong things.  The money is wasted and John Key’s National Party will answer for that in the next general election so this is not a sound reason for keeping the flag.  I am normally a National voter (habit and often has ideas that fitted our lifestyle and I used to like John Key) so it wasn’t an anti Party vote.  So I wanted to really know why I hated the idea of change so much.

For my vote to keep the flag is in the basis of the the historical significance of each element within it.  That includes the Union Jack.  So I had a hunt and found flags that I might have voted for if they had been up for selection.   Here is just some of them:


This one made me laugh but its still better than the selected alternative!  All it needs is a sheep LOL


There are hundreds of them.  They keep history and show “now” all at the same time. What was the selection committee thinking in choosing not to include a flag choice that did this?

I now know why I chose to keep the NZ Flag and some of the responsibility for my choice lies at the feet of a really poor selection offered as an alternative.

If All Blacks were selected in this way, we would not hold the Rugby World Cup!!

If this happens again how about the selection committee actually demonstrates some of the flare and innovation that NZ is known for!!




What do you think?

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