Extravagant Distraction

The current New Zealand flag debate

Has generated a lot of hate

But after a tortured fashion

It has ignited a strong passion

About a flag we should have treasured all along

Like the U.S. we should’ve legislated to prolong

The everlasting survival of our beloved flag

However please note that the forced public drag

Of our attention to our flag’s role

Might prove positive on the whole

Were it not for the terrible cost

Money others needed, now lost

First determine we don’t want the queen

But not being in anyway judgemental or mean

It is simply moving into our future

A changing history to nurture

At least consider this before the cost of another poll

Before throwing the country into such turmoil

Let me be clear John Key of my response vote

It is you and your party I now completely demote

So fly our NZ flag proudly up high

Let it frame and decorate the sky

Fly it in the gentle breeze so freely

This sacred symbol of you and me



  1. I am sure Sam that in NZ as in Aust the flag debate will create fierce debate. To me it is a symbol of a country and what that country represents, not an allegiance to a past colonial time. We are in the same place as you, with that Union Jack stuck in the corner, I wish our politicians had the nerve to suggest change to ours…..

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