Celebrating ME

Today I am super proud of myself.  I lost 1.9 kilos on a week when I have not been feeling too well with the flu (its the flu because I have the temperature spikes, I wish it was a cold!!)   This means that I have lost:

10 Kilos

Some days it has been down and dirty trying to make healthy choices and not long for a quick serve fast food that really does nothing but appease my being too tired to cook.

I have crashed, on Monday I smashed my daily intake and weeklies.  But on Tuesday I chose to acknowledge that it is a new day and I counted points.  In the past I would have starved myself to make up for the day before but this is a lifetime change and I need to keep reminding myself of that!!


Every week I take a photo and put it in my scrapbook.  This is today’s photo in the new t -shirt and jeans hubby got me at the weekend.  Below is the first week weigh in photo.  I had to break myself of the jinx  thinking about wearing the same clothes.


Can you see a difference?

I can not wait to keep up the good (and hard) work and lose more weight.  It feels like getting pieces of ME back.

The companion in the second photo is Chicken who has no interest in losing her weight lol but likes being in photos.

Please share your weight loss or gain (that can be really hard too) stories and lets inspire each other in our journeys.



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