Sentimental promptings


Being sentimental
Has sent me mental
I hold onto trash
Like valued treasure
I see the look
You direct to me
I am sentimental
So what?  Sue me!!

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      1. Hello Sam,

        It may have been a mistake on my part, it was very late or very early in the morning before I went to bed so I was tired, and maybe I accidentally clicked on Next Post instead of Post Comment because the Escutcheon theme is designed in a way where Next Post shows under Post Comment in a way that makes it stand out more than Post Comment (it is bigger and highlighted with maybe a brownish colored border) so I possibly accidentally clicked it because it over-shadows the Post Comment button (whatever). 😀

        I remember the word Elementary coming to my mind when I read this post, and I think that my comment was that your poem somewhat reminded me of an elementary school rhyme.

        I am not a fan of the one-word prompts that they have been having every day where they do not even mention the word in the post itself, and so I have been putting less effort into the prompts by just using images to respond; and so you put more effort in your response compared to mine. 😉

        -John Jr

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      2. I like poems and single words often inspire them in me. I had stopped the daily prompts for a while because they were just getting annoying. I keep changing my theme because I haven’t found the one that I really like. Nice chatting to you again!!

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      3. I preview every new free theme and I used to change themes a lot, but I have not been changing themes as much recently because of the increasing trend of poor design decisions in many of the newer themes that greatly limit the themes that are even usable for me.

        So I have been mostly stuck with the Twenty Sixteen theme and have only experimented with a few other themes this year like the Toujours theme.

        Have fun trying themes Sam, hopefully some better free themes are released soon that fit my/our requirements.

        -John Jr

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