Degrading the Shading

Source: Flash fiction for aspiring writers

Great photo prompt from Louise!!


You all think it so easy what I do.

That each day I provide the same reaction

How I cover every inch, bit by bit.

Do you even notice the competition?

The water that seeks coverage of the same places?

The problems that cascading down the steps can cause?

All the twists and turns that I dutifully fill

It’s my life’s work and I preform it to my utmost ability

But do you notice?

Do you compliment me?

No you do not!

You just turn and say it’s only a shadow!

Like I somehow scared you deliberately!

Or you complain that it is cold out of the sun!

Or that it’s creepy in the shade!

So ungrateful!

You would miss me if I just stopped.

That’s if you noticed at all!


(Body word count:  131 words)


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  1. So poetic, I don’t think you even need to mention the word shadow, it was so well done I understood it was the shadows perspective and youre right we do tend to take the shadows and the negative space for granted, but they add depth to our world.

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