Renovating home and self

I have just completed the final coat of the soon – to – be – library.  It is not perfect and as a amateur painter/decorator it was never going to be.  But like me it is doing much better.  I have patched the walls and ceiling, undercoated and completed two coats.  For now that is enough because it is one hundred times better than when we started.

I still have to paint the floors with enamel paint to seal in any smells and considering that this was once the “rat room” it is a great idea.  When we moved in I can look back now and realise that I was still mentally unwell.  I remember I struggled to leave Hubby’s side especially in public and I even panicked in my car when driving at night.

Like my house, I am restoring within myself from all the past decisions or mistakes that I have made.  I am rebuilding my total health, a holistic approach and this time I am taking my time.  I have a year with Weight Watchers to get my nutrition sorted out and I am slowly building my physical fitness back up.  Like the library, I will never be perfect but I can get to where I accept who I am.

How is your journey going?  Feel free to let me know!!




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