Renovation progress update

We put the first coat of paint onto our soon to be library walls.  We have done a lot of prep but are in no way experts.  We are just doing the best we can.  I think it looks great!  It reminds me of my healing journey, living in the moment and not slumping into the past or hiding from the future.  I am finding it therapeutic  (and tiring) work.

Some of the walls have scars from the earlier nightmarish wallpaper removal.  The removal was before I learnt that you could paint over wallpaper (Not something automatically known by me) and that our walls would be a disaster to remove wallpaper from (The wall paper is so old and attached that it is part of the fabric of the wall.

I can not wait for the new carpet and the library shelves.  So exciting.  Then we restore the books to the library and dig into the redecorating of the downstairs hall and bedroom.  Way more work than we originally intended to do but it should prove satisfying in the end.  There will be pictures when its complete.

This is taking lot of time so my blog is a bit neglected.  Please bear with me over this time as my creativity is primarily focused on the renovations.

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