“Model my Diet” app


A fellow Weight Watcher member suggested this site: Model my Diet.  I put in my height and current weight and then the goal I want for my weight loss.  You can then see them side by side.  I really enjoyed it.  It makes my target more “real”.

Below is my before and after – of course it is not that great a comparison in how I actually look but seeing the change for the model from the old weight to the weight I want to be is inspirational.

There are different outfits you can put on and also you can customise the hair and face more.  I picked my hair style and colour but didn’t fiddle with it too much.  I liked the jeans and tee clothing choice too since I am often in those.

What I liked was seeing the shape changes with the weight loss.  It helped me to decide on a lower goal weight than I thought I wanted.   Besides all that – who doesn’t like playing dress up?




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