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R33: Time to Pay

Time to Pay by Lyndon Stacey

Time to Pay (Gideon Blake, #2)


I enjoyed this story.  It is the second story involving Gideon Blake, an animal behaviorist.  I enjoyed the plot concerning a single murder and the repercussions of that murder.  There were elements of betrayal, torment, suspense, blackmail, jealousy and romance.  I am keen to read the first Blake story to see if it filled in any gaps in this stories plot.  This is a stand alone novel but possibly less so than some of the other character series that Stacey writes.

One jarring point is that I did feel that the romantic aspect of this story was not strong. Gideon spends most of the story in one relationship with Eve.  Near the end of the story that relationship ends just as he “accidentally” begins a new one with a life time friend, Pippa.  The romance felt like it was just thrown in there, although their were suggestions throughout the book that a spark might have or did exist between them, it was not a strong element of the plot line.  It did not detract from the story, I just felt that romance writing might not quite be his genre, well at least not yet.  Stacey is great at suspense.  I will still reap this author and am keeping the book.

Note:  Hubby and I are finally building our dream library so I am neck deep in renovating the room to ready it for the new carpet and shelving.  It has definitely slowed down my reading.  Plus a lot of my books, including on my reading pile is buried in boxes throughout the house.



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