Imagery Will: Use only these images in event of death…

If the human race were to be eradicated tomorrow and all that survived the devastation was photographs.  Which one would you want to represent you or your life?  Would you like the choice?  It could be like a living will, in case of death by any means, these images are the only ones allowed to be viewed by the public in the event of my death.  Sadly, people caught up in media publications do not get a say in how they might feature in the visual coverage of that disaster.  Their rights, privacy, choices and story are superseded by the needs of the image publisher.  Their image of misery or injury snapped in the midst of the crisis can become the means to raise money for the disaster relief, that image can be splashed over the media organisation coverage for the immediate future.  But it does not end there on each anniversary or for a similar crisis, if there image became an iconic one from their disaster then it is bought back into service.

I always sigh at the interview questions posed to people in the midst of a disaster about how they are feeling.  For example at the site of a house fire, the occupants are asked how they feel about the destruction of their home with the backdrop of flames or smoldering ashes.  How does the interviewer think they feel?  And is the stupidity of the question an indication that they believe that the viewing audience too dumb to be able to consider how they would feel in the same situation and extrapolate from there.  At least the person is asked and has a chance to possibly describe their feelings or reactions in that moment. For the person who was photographed their emotion is visible and even if their thoughts or reactions were not congruent with the image that is what they are known by.   That image in many ways, becomes the definition of that person, regardless of anything else in their life or if that is what they would want to be known by.

So if the earth is wiped out or simply you are and in some spectacular newsworthy way.  With all that is left are the images from that.  What do you want shown and therefore known about you in those moments? Moments that can come to define all aspects of your life from then onward.


What do you think?

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