Author’s note:   I struggled with this poem.  I had an idea in my mind but it wasn’t quite forming the way I thought it would.  Any suggestions gratefully received!!   I couldn’t bring myself to delete it.


A shared cup of piping hot tea

A spoon full of sugar to taste

A slip of milk to lighten the load

Combined to unite you and me


A shared slice of banana cake

With icing to simply decorate

Shared through a single spoon

A shared treat, we in turn partake


A lifetime of comfortable memories

Spill onto the shared table like photos

Full of laughter, tears and cheers

A shared branch of our family trees



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  1. I agree it is not the right context. Taking it away from them to a third party. The decorate throws it to rhyming closely to cake. I will think about a better line. Thanks for the suggestion!!!


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