One man’s rubbish …

I could not resist a second story from a complete different perspective.  It is such an interesting photograph.  Thanks Ellespeth’s friend!!





“OMG!  FRANK! Get up here NOW!!” Charlie yelled down to the site manager in despair.

“Cool your jets Charlie. Geeze,”  Frank was wheezing when he finally climbed the ‘scaff’ to where Charlie was madly gesturing upward.  “The bloomin’ thing has been here for hundreds of years.  What can be so important that I have to climb up here?”

“Look!” Charlie points to the three claw globe ornaments above his head.

Frank looked and still did not see, “What?”

Charlie gave him the look of ‘what the heck?’ and yelled “See the three?  There were five there yesterday!”

Frank looked incredulous, “Someone stole two of ’em globe things?  From up here?  Well heck!  All that effort and risk for them?  Hell, the scaff is worth more!!”

(Body of story:  125 words)








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