Mindfulness Exploration

“In mindfulness, acceptance always comes first, change comes after”

Shamash Alidina

Who is Shamash?

I am colouring in Art for Mindfulness, Geometrics:

Alongside the pages to colour are quotes that help me focus on being mindful.  I thought to help my journey I would explore some of these quotes.

“In mindfulness, acceptance always comes first, change comes after”

I like this quote because if I make change without accepting my starting place then it won’t be permanent.  Personal experience tells me this.  I have to learn to accept who I am in this condition, to be able to accept myself whether my health improves or worsens.

Its like wanting roast chicken as a change from boiled chicken but you have pork as the basis then chicken is not really a potential outcome.  Not overly sure if that makes sense to anyone but me (let me know!).

So I am working on accepting me in this moment, aware of potential future change and past experience but remaining in this moment.

I think that this quote is a good starting point for this thread of discussion.  I will add more quotes as I find ones that spark a response in me.

Please comment on your experience of mindfulness or thoughts of this quote specifically. I would really appreciate that!!



  1. I think I get your chicken/pork analogy. It’s like I’m craving chocolate now, but I don’t have any chocolate so I have to change my expectations. For me the quote says we have to recognize what needs to be changed before we can begin the process of change. Kind of like an acoholic has to accept that they have a problem in need help in order to change. That’s my take anyways.
    Great quote. I am not doing too well with mindfulness, but I am trying to learn to accept myself and love myself a little more. This is creating a lot of noise in my head tho.

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    1. I like that mindfulness says to accept that noise but to treat it as it is just thoughts and not automatically internalize them. I am practising observing my thoughts neutrally. Not quite there yet but it’s a lifelong journey not a race. Good luck with yours. Sam

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