Split decisions … go wrong

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers:  Source

The story word limit is 100 – 150 words (+ – 25 words). Please try and stay within this limit.

I must say that the positioning of two of the men caught my eye as being inherently dangerous.  I hope you enjoy the one I went with.

Image source:  Thank you Ellespeth’s friend for this great photo prompt

Split decisions … go wrong


“OMG!” Larry screamed suddenly.

Eric, Bob and Jeremy turned slightly and looked down to where Larry was in what appeared to be a precarious version of the splits.  They simultaneously shouted:


Larry took a second to think “yeah right, like I can control this” before he began bargaining with any Being that might be able to save him.

He had two prevalent thoughts.  One was that he would fall, intact, to his death.  Intact that is until he hit the ground very, very far below.

The second was that prior to falling he somehow split down the middle, surviving but no longer a real man!

Where was his life flashing before his eyes?  All Larry got was images of his manhood splitting and a violent death.

Larry suddenly realised that his split decision to join his friends on their idiotic dare was going to cost him!!!

(Body of story:  151 words)



  1. Oh dear! That sounds like that would be very painful! I hope he doesn’t fall to his death or lose his manhood. Maybe he will back down those scaffolding to safety. Great story, Sam!


    1. His friends may be the death of the poor thing. The man in the red shirt interested me too lol I had a whole story for him as well. I don’t normally get two stories on one photos. Another great prompt


      1. Thank you Sam! I’m glad you enjoyed this prompt. My mind only went into one direction on this prompt. It seems to be a story that wants to be told because nothing else will come to my mind. LOL! Those men hanging on that scaffolding all look a little precarious to me too.

        Liked by 1 person

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