Dominating Man

The story word limit is 100 – 150 words (+ – 25 words).


Photo provided by T. J. Paris

I can never escape the dominance of our concrete city.  From any part of the manmade path I felt overshadowed by rows of the concrete city.  The manmade path stretches between two mirror images of the city that was once thought to be connected.   All that remains of man’s arrogance is this eroding path.  We might dominate our environment with structures like those pictured but the sea was not giving us any more land to desecrate.

This shot is one of me using my Note5 screen write capability to write the date and my thoughts in that moment.  As part of a school project I am taking a photo of the encroaching sea from the same spot, at the same time with the same camera settings.  Then I will use the Scrapbook editing suite to create an animated art display of the changes that occur in just that month.  It is my artistic condemnation of our need to dominate, even nature.

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  1. Extremely interesting view of the picture/prompt. I think I would agree mankind often does try to show it’s dominance over nature by its buildings etc. I like how you say though, mankind cannot stop the water from flowing over this path at times. An interesting school project as well.

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