Shudder …Wetas

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Never Again:

Have you ever gone to a new place or tried a new experience and thought to yourself, “I’m never doing that again!” Tell us about it.

We entered the dark space using the light from our head lamps.  Looking down meant I could walk with some security as I could see anything that might trip or scare me.  It did mean I was in danger of banging my head in missing something protruding above floor level.  It was the lesser of two evils choice.

As we went deeper into the space I put my hand out to help guide me.  Thinking I would touch the person in front of me as the best outcome or the walls to help me stay on tract, as the second best. We were going deep into the cave to see glow worms in action.  As we neared the site we were to turn our torches off so we could really enjoy the lights of the glow worms.

That was a little scary but it was meant to be a heck of a show.  We got to see the glow worms and they were amazing.  As I turned to leave I felt something brush against the back of my hand.  In the dark I assumed it was one of the other people in the small space with me.  I turned the torch on and ran it over my hand because it still felt off.

There was a gigantic WETA on my hand.  On. My. Hand.  I finished screaming long after the weta took off but I am not sure I stopped shaking for hours, even after I left the cave.  I will never ever go into a cave EVER again.   The image below is pretty much what it looked like but it was on the back of my hand not the palm.

I am not that sure that I only thought the never, ever part.  It may have been a great deal more vocal.


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