A letter to someone who has hurt you recently

Dear D

You hurt me.  Plain and simple.  It wasn’t your recounting what had happened in your life. I was willing to be a listening ear.  At times you were a little repetitive but it was o.k. because you needed to get it out.  I had the time to listen, well it was mostly written, I was not that fond of talking.  I sympathised, I empathised and I tried to help you with keeping safe.   I accepted that you disappeared now and then.

Recently you had gotten quite dark in mood and the tone of your conversation.  It was hard to listen at times, with my own problems to keep being there for you but I sincerely tried to.  Then you got quite vicious in what you wrote about me and my mental health decisions. Decisions that I had struggled with and to come to terms with.  It was annoying but I recognised your pain and tactic.

What finished my ability to continue being there for you was your asking me what Scott would do?  I was offended that you brought his name up and I sensed it was for a less than nice reason.  However the ultimate outcome of you mentioning Scott meant that I could walk away and look after my own mental state.  The reason being that when I was feeling burdened by a close friend, Scott advised me to try and focus on what my work needed. Getting mentally stable is my work for now so I did what Scott would advise me, gently, to do.

I hope you get the help you need and return to being the wonderful person I first met.

Take care



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