Bikini blunders

Daily prompt source
Sudden Shifts:  You’re at the beach with some friends and/or family, enjoying the sun, nibbling on some watermelon. All of a sudden, within seconds, the weather shifts and hail starts descending from the sky.
Write a post about what happens next.


I corrupted this prompt a little with more focus on the before and during, than on the what happens next.


It is the first time ever for me to be wearing a bikini in public.  All us girls are, as this is our goal weight beach swim and celebration.  We hit the beach, shy but proud and simply too stubborn to give in to our anxiety.  In the past going to the beach was a process of embarrassment and often simply avoided.  We knew we were over weight we didn’t need the sniggers of others to compound that knowledge.

We had a watermelon dessert after our swim.  True to our lifestyle change they were wedges like the wedge of a cake.  Then cream was placed on top like icing with a cherry and its jauntily waving stem.  We were in the moment.  Drying off in the late afternoon sun and contemplating our planned jog along the shore.  Each of us was thoughtful about our first beach run, fine it was more of a stumbling crawl at times!

The light of the day dims and as we look to the sky we realise in our enjoyment of each other and our achievements we had missed the signs of a storm racing in from out at sea. We are not that deterred by rain, because our pledge to work out together had included working out in the rain.  Our rule was workout no matter what.  We could get out of it if really sick or if dead, although we debated that, since zombies were pretty active!

Suddenly we are screeching in pain.  It was not the cooling wash of rain but the stinging pain of hail.  HAIL in the middle of summer? Frigging insane weather.  We rapidly gather our belongings and race to the van.  The funniest thing is that we bemoaned our bikinis but not because others stared or we felt exposed in them, but because with so much skin exposed more of our bodies got stung by the hail.

As we pulled out of the car park with any thoughts of our walk on the beach abandoned. We are laughing ourselves silly talking about our stinging skin that had been pelted by the hail.  We were into trying new things but hail bruises might not be quite what we meant. We did not want the day to end so we chose to walk around the mall, after a hilarious clothing change in the van because there was no way we were entering the mall in our bikinis!!


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