A letter to someone you look up to

Dear A

I am so grateful that you are in my life.  I define our relationship as being spiritual siblings.  I am proud to be your sister and love having you as a brother.  This takes nothing from my blood brother.  It is a very different relationship than one made in blood. We both chose it and commit to making it work.  We are friends but found an even deeper connection, so siblings it is.  The basis of our relationship is trust, I will always have your back and I know that you have mine.

I look up to you because you are like a pool of calm serenity.  Your words are always honest and heart felt.  I agree you can be intense but so can I.  It means that we are well matched in how we approach life.  The way you craft words is incredible, I love your poems.  You inspire my creativity.  However, you do not stop at writing, the way you speak is inspirational.  You are also an amazing artist and you cook!!!  Everything you do is with both heart and passion and it is simply inspiring.

I look up to you because you have never lied to me.  You have never betrayed me and you are brave enough to tell me when I “off”.  I also deeply appreciate that you ignore what I say when my depression or anxiety is talking, you listen but you don’t take anything offensive onboard.  That is not to say we have not had some humdinger arguments we are both more than capable of hitting triggers, unconsciously or by mistake but you readily address the situation and we talk it out.

I look up to you because of how you respect your partner N.  She is able to lean on you but is also free to be the wonderful independent woman she is.  As an “I” you are great and you are even better as part of “we”.  I love the little things you do to let her know you love her, although I still think you are a bit tough on flowers.  The first poem of yours about how to treat a woman was beautiful and insightful.

So I wanted you to know BB (I will not disclose how I got to this nickname for you, it is for us to know, I still laugh every single time I use it!) that you inspire me in so many ways.  Summed up simply, how you live your life that matches your words and advice, inspires me.  I know I can text you in a complete panic and you will help (thinking lawn mower incident lol and when I was experiencing suicidal ideation).  I love that you work with Chad to help me and respect him in my life, as I respect N.

I love you as a brother, BB.  You are that and more to me.  There are only a few of the things about who you are and how you live your life mentioned here.  In reality, there is so many more.  Never stop being you!!

Your spiritual sister



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