Daily prompt source

The Stat Connection:  Go to your Stats page and check your top 3-5 posts. Why do you think they’ve been successful? Find the connection between them, and write about it.


My top three posts are all from Flash fiction for aspiring writers.  Which are complete stories that are between 100 – 175 words.  I was initially surprised as I am used to my poems attracting attention, not my story writing.  I am also used to being more wordy than required so this new skill being slowly honed brings me great pleasure.

I have written less poems lately possibly indicating a shift in my mood.  I often feel that I have lost my poetry voice.  I have a go and then I find it is there but now I have to activate it, rather than this being the only style of voice I have.  I wanted to be a versatile wordsmith and I am getting there.  This was a great prompt for some self reflection.

My lecturer Scott once told me to find my voice and hone it.  I am still finding all the ways to say what I want and need to but I thoroughly enjoy the weekly photo prompt.  I simply go with the first thing in the photo that attracts my eye and the story flows from there. This is this weeks write:  Natures Toilet.  Unfortunate title that I chose but apt.

My top three posts were: When being right is just wrongMobile Manhood and Paving crazy.  To be honest there is not much between any of my posts for this weekly write. They are all popular and I have had some stirring and enjoyable conversations.   It is a real honour to know that people enjoy what I write and it makes me smile broadly.   It still surprises me, but where in the past it would also horrify me I am now just proud and glad to be part of such a wonderful creative and supportive community.



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