A letter to someone you will never forget

Dear Bucky (R. Buckminster Fuller)

We had a rough start.  Reading your Synergetics text nearly ended our relationship before it started.  I spend hours on the first 20 pages and my computer open to dictionaries.  It felt like every second word required definition.  I was overwhelmed in your mathematical brain.  S.E. told me to persevere and because it was him I did.  I scoured the secondhand bookshops in Wellington and found every book by or about you that I could find.  S.E. had written his book American Dreamer based on you and your theories and I read and reread that.

I fell in love with your philosophy when I read and critiqued Critical Path.   I think like you do, which was mind blowing let me tell you, that the whole has to be known before the parts that form it.  I agreed that specialisation could harm us in seeing bits of a human or a problem rather than the whole.  I agreed that tradition could compromise innovation.  I loved that you made your life an experiment and you were Guinea Pig B.  You lived what you believed in, there was no smoke and mirrors to your theories.   I too believe that an individual could make a difference and ideas should and could start at the individual.
I came to understand you as a man through the books of Bucky:  A Guided Tour of Buckminster Fuller by Hugh Kenner and Buckminster Fuller’s Universe by Lloyd Steven Sieden. I loved the practicality of your inventions and those geodesic domes were incredible as structures of beauty and safety.  I played with models of your ideas that S.E. had let his daughters play with as they grew up.  I loved his stories about that as much as contorting the materials.

Our relationship is not typical, you were dead long before we met but I had your words and those make you someone that I will never forget and who continues to influence my life at a variety of levels.

Your student in life



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