Say the name, play my game

Daily prompt source

Say Your Name:

Write about your first name: Are you named after someone or something? Are there any stories or associations attached to it? If you had the choice, would you rename yourself?

I changed my response to this daily prompt because I have written about my changing my first name previously.  The latest mention was in Letter to someone I like.  So instead I made a fun and challenging game:

Say the name

Say the name

Can this be the game?


Can you say it right?

Taumata whakatangi hangakoauau o tamatea turi pukakapiki maunga horo nuku pokai whenua kitanatahu

Go on practice that, a test tonight


This is what the Maori place name means

“the place where Tamatea, the man with the big knees, who slid, climbed and swallowed mountains, known as ‘landeater’, played his flute to his loved one” (Source)

The name is an entire story it seems


Say the name

Say the name

I dare you to play my game!

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