Letter to someone I like


I have never had the guts to say this to you but I can leave this wee note in the hopes you find it and take the time to read it.  So that you know someone likes you, just the way you are.

I like the way you wear your hair long and golden brown.  It always looks so amazing.  It is so much better than that severe shorter style when you let the gray grow through.  I know you did that to show your pain but there are others ways and I am glad your found them.

I like that you are working out and getting back to that level of fitness that makes you smile.  I enjoy seeing you striding on your daily walk.  You seem happiest then and carefree.  I am sure the panting and excessive sweating will ease as you get fitter.  Don’t let it go this time, if life gets hard or you are betrayed.  Stay strong in who you are and want to be.  No one else really matters.

I like that you are writing again.  I will confess to being a follower.  I am too shy to comment but I enjoy your poetry and the insightful explorations of your life.  I know that you are trying to live in the moment and I wish you the very best luck to do so.  The past is only pain and you deserve way less than that.  The future can be paved with the knowledge that you are gaining now and therefore become less unknown.

I just wanted you to know that there was someone that liked you.  No frills or pretense required, just you.


Keep up the good work.

From someone that likes you.


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