Is that? Was that? … tuneful?


This singer offers a rare talent.  I am not sure it would be widely recognised as a “talent”. But it has been appreciated by at least three people, that makes a sort of audience, right?  Her rarity is in that she actually believes she can sing and is able to convince other people that “the noise” is actually melodious.  Well admittedly they were her friends and didn’t want to hurt her feelings but again that is still an audience, right?

Her “range” is impressive.  From nails scraping a blackboard high to sounds like she is in the middle of a fog low.  Her Hubby once thought she was strangling a cat and raced down to find her “singing”, well her version of it.  Not sure any of them actually find, let alone remain, in tune.   Her range is recognisable because she attempts a variety of songs. Songs that she should never have attempted let alone allowed someone else to actually hear.

Her perseverance is admirable, especially in the face of such a terrible singing voice. However this album does offer choices.  They include being a practical to do guide on how not to sing.  Or as a means to torture your neighbours with the volume turned right up. There may be other purposes and if you find them, then please add them to the comments and help boost sales.   Go on you know you want to!!



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