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Second Time Around:  Tell us about a book you can read again and again without getting bored — what is it that speaks to you?


This daily prompt is an easy one for me to answer.  It is any of the books in J. D. Robb’s, … In Death series that I will read again and again, and am never ever bored.



I have every single one of her books (there are 52 so far!) bar the one that is just available now.  I am having to impatiently wait for pay day to secure my copy.  She writes two … In Death novels a year, February and September.  Guess two of my favourite months…

I began this love affair when I read Naked in Death, her first novel in this long lived series. The main female character is Eve Dallas, a detective in New York in 2058.  Much of the back story of Eve just resonates with my own story.  I just wish I was that kick ass!!  I share a back story of abuse, a strong line of what is black and what is white, and a husband that defines and extends me, these are just a few of the similarities.  It is also her personality, her reactions to a growing circle of friends, to marriage and pregnancy are sources of similarity and great humour.

The recurring characters, their relationships to Eve and each other are another feature that just keeps me coming back.  I admit at times I want a bit of a shake up.  In earlier books Eve has been injured, Peabody and McNab were seriously injured but not so much in the last few novels.  There has been no deaths related to main characters since Amaryllis died.  This latest book has an injury to Mr Mira and that intrigues and excites me, he is a very loved figure and his wife is like a mother to Eve.  I want that book so much, waiting is horrid!!

I return to these books again and again because I know that I can get lost in the stories and that is comforting.  I know these characters, their lives and their personalities.  It is like coming home when I am stressed or tired or lonely.  I just love these books!!!

I also have a substantial collection of Nora Roberts books (she writes as Robb) and love them too.  But for a book to crawl into and hide from the world its got to be an … In Death novel, any one of them will do!!

I am looking forward to reading the books others love.  Please leave me some suggested reads in the comments, I love a new author to explore!!




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