The NZ Flag

I am so pleased that I finally have the NZ flag flying from our balcony.  It looks splendid. I am aware that John Key is probably now claiming that he came up with the insane idea of changing our flag so that it would be used more within society.  In a way that has worked. I have never seen so many NZ flags flying as there are now.  I certainly have never flown one from this or my previous home but now proudly do.  Even if the NZ flag is changed I will never recognise the upstart contender.


New Zealand flags fly high on Lagan St in Bluff, which some locals think should be renamed Flagan St.
Protesting the flag change


For me the NZ flag has always been there.  I recognise it instantly and it never bothered me that it had the Union Jack on it or that it is similar to Aussie’s.  It was simply my flag and it was always just there.  It is present in international sporting events, political occasions or anywhere that a representation of NZ was required.


The New Zealand flag flies alongside its challenger on Auckland's Harbour Bridge.
It just looks wrong



I admit that I like the design of the flag that is opposing the NZ one.  Its simple and attractive and the silver fern is oft recognised as a symbol of NZ.  But it simply isn’t the NZ flag and I could never recognise it as so.  I also think that for a flag that is purposed to represent an entire nation it falls short.  Where is the recognition of the two primary ethnicities of Maori and Pakeha?  If we are multicultural, how is that evidenced? As a symbol I just believe it falls short.

The background rationale for the proposed NZ flag change, the politics and accusations make for interesting reading.  I am pretty basic I just don’t want our flag to change, be it as a cover of political machinations or any other rationale.  I want our flag to have the stringent protection that the American one has.

However, if this flag change occurs I do not want the next party in government to be able to reverse it.  It is just too much of a waste of money.  If they are going to waste money, then I hope they do it to ensure that our flag stays our flag, be it the worst case and it is the contender or the real and existing flag.

It is such a waste of money and such a contentious issue that John Key has used to sneak in his political objectives.  I have always voted for National because the policies that they touted had benefit to my situation.  In the next election I will not be able to do so, because of this issue and some other contentious recent decisions including letting the ethics – challenged Judith Collins back in.

The problem is that I am not that fond of any of the other parties.  Even though we have the “freedom” to vote for any number of parties, there is still only two, Labour or National and then a third or fourth smaller party that gives one of these two the majority they need to rule.  I am hoping that one day we will break this and more parties will have the opportunity to actually truly have a voice in governing NZ and not have to basically bribe other parties to do so.

I believe in voting but I am going to have to do a lot of study to find who I will vote for.  I know it is only 1 vote (well one for a person and one for a party) but its important to me. I have always voted and I believe it to be the cornerstone of democracy but sometimes cynicism sneaks in and you wonder why bother.  Ultimately, I believe that voting is a privilege I am not yet ready to give up on.

I may simply vote for the party that promises to protect our flag in law so this wasteful expenditure never occurs again.






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  1. I’m a big believer in “..if it ain’t broke…” While there may have been a positive effect in broader displays of the current real NZ flag, I think that is an unintended side effect and and the real intent of the whole flag debate was to distract the (so easily distracted) masses from TPPA and other Parliamentary shenanigans…

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