Say what you wanna say …

Daily prompt source

This Is Your Song:  Take a line from a song that you love or connect with. Turn that line into the title of your post.


“Say what you wanna say
And let the words fall out”

Line source:  Brave by Sara Bareilles

Let me start by saying that I simply love this song.  The tune makes me want to bogie and the video encourages that desire.  The words are just on point in regards to where I am in my life atm.  I am finding my voice, or rather  I am writing my voice.  This blog has given me my “safe place” to write what I want and need to.   These two lines are among many that resonate with me.  The first line “Say what you wanna say” is a an invite to rarity, being asked to say what you want to say, supported by the brave title coming with doing so.  How often do we answer a question with a response to distract the questioner, or respond with what we think they want, or just pretend we didn’t hear the question or that we misheard it, evident in our response?

The second line is just clever.  So simple “Let the words fall out”.  But it references how often we place a barrier to uttering the words that we really want to say.  I mean there are the simple lies to save hurt, like “no you do not look fat in those jeans”, when well …  or the “no you are not annoying me” when in a time crunch and you just wish they would go away!  Then there are the instances where you want to ask for help, raw, blunt, earnest, end of your tether need help and you say nothing.  For reasons from pride to not wanting to be a burden.  Or when you sit in counselling with a hell week still on your mind and never mention how hard you are really struggling because it is just easier not to and talk instead of superficial matters.

Another line from this song I love is:  “You can turn a phrase into a weapon or a drug”.  I want that power as a wordsmith.  Writing words that stay in the mind because of their endless beauty or address a wound barely known by giving it words.  I want people as addicted to my writing as I am to authors like C. J. Box or J. D. Robb.  I see images in words and I want my writing to evoke images in the minds of my readers.  I want them to be able to be in that paragraph world right beside me.  Lofty ambitions but all I can do is keep putting pen to paper or in reality, fingers to the keyboard.

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