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The true role of diagnoses

Day 29: What are a few of your goals regarding your mental health.
     I think my goals are common to anyone experiencing mental illness.  I do not seek a cure because that is beyond current medical science and human capabilities.  Instead I seek to be able to live with my conditions with their symptoms managed to enable me an acceptable quality of life.  I would like my own strengths to be more involved in that than medication but like all things that takes time.
     I would like to live in a society that appreciates that people with mental illnesses can still function and fully contribute.  A society that assists with that objective rather than working against it.  I am not asking for special favours, I don’t need them, but a cessation of assumption would definitely help.  Get to know me, don’t assume that you already do because of diagnoses that I may have.


I was 46 years old when I begun this blog, female and married with a house full of cats (7). My past is littered with the impact of events that happened when I was a teen. Two loves of my life have been nursing and studying. I just completed my Master of Arts: Media Studies endorsement. My blog will be about the things I think about, that might be better served being written rather than squirreled away in my mind festering. It is the meanderings of my mind as I seek to define myself and my world.

What do you think?

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