I went to the doctor and got my fall injuries from yesterday (Falling Again …) checked out. It appears that I have ripped some tendons and/or ligaments in my shoulder.  Treatment is pain killers and steroids (which I am holding out from taking because I just don’t need more weight gain), physio when it is less raw pain and a scan if the injury continues.

I can stabilise the pain for quite a while by not moving too much.  If I move my right arm in the wrong way I get this horrendous sharp pain in my upper shoulder blade and it is crippling.  I can not lift anything without it really hurting.  I also can’t bend forward without that debilitating pain occurring.

The horrific pain can last from an hour up before I can get it settled again.  The pain is so horrific that even walking hurts.  The only way I can walk is to put my right arm up near my right ear and hunch the left a little.  When it is really bad the pain can radiate up the right side of my neck and that can be a little scary.

I thought the hairline fracture of my ankle in December was bad especially when added to the already damaged arthritic knees that I am still trying to regain strength in.  But this is so much worse.  I am beginning to get that fear of moving and possibly setting of the sharp pain but I have to keep mobile as much as I can.

All in all I am trying to be economical with movement while not stopping it completely.  I rest immediately on the sharp pain and I am taking the pain killers bar the steroids.  I have decided to give it 5 days before I use the steroids.  I will go to physio next week when I hope the injury will be more manageable.

I really want to avoid any hint of surgery because as with my knees I am just too overweight for it to be safe for my heart.  Frustrating but true.  Of course now that I am trying to lose weight this just feels like one more stumbling block.  But I will persevere.

In relation to losing weight I am finding that it is harder to stay on my diet plan this time. I believe it is because my rigid will power is absent.   I usually just start a diet plan and then get tunnel vision on keeping it.  But this time I am just struggling with everything. Weight Watchers is a great lifestyle change and maybe that is the difference.  I am trying to make a lifetime change not just a lifestyle one and that is harder or slower.

I will just have to keep working at it because I need to lose weight and I want to lose weight.  Now I need to do more than think and write the words.





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