Up and at it …

Day 27: Explain a “good” day.

A good day for me is to have breakfast in the actual morning after waking up not feeling like I need to go to bed.  Absent of that hangover feeling from the medication that lingers all day and makes me feel sluggish.  The morning is spent doing housework and time with the cats.  If it is overcast then I get some gardening in.

A good day is having lunch and still having the energy to face the afternoon and get some housework and reading done.  I have a maximum of 30 minutes of standing and moving on my sore knee so I get to enjoy that to the maximum.  With breaks in between I get two broken hours of walking.

The pain will be manageable and I will be able to do what I want to.  If I chose to I can leave the house and go into town to get the mail, window shop or just for a walk in the outside.  There is no panic in being among other people or lack of motivation to have a shower and go out.

For each meal and throughout the day I make my Weight Watcher points values and achieve my fit point goals.  I enjoy each meal with no nausea.  I have lots of yummy fruit to choose from and the energy to make a variety of meals to create a great weight loss day.

In the evening I have the energy to cook hubby’s tea and to engage in the burst of conversation that accompanies his return home.  I can enjoy talking with him.  After tea I can sit and complete the writing I have in mind for the day.  I can get some colouring in done and one of my cats will snuggle on my knee watching TV with me till bed.

I fit in some relaxing meditation and time to read some more of my current novel.  I go to bed when I want to and am satisfied with what I achieved this day.

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