Day 26 —Write about your worst habit.

I think my worst habit when with other people is that I can cut them off when they are talking.  I don’t mean to, I am usually just starved for conversation and it all boils up in me and then I feel pressured to get it all out.  I love hearing from other people.  I constantly try to work on it.  However, I get more practice in written conversation than verbal and that does not help me.  It is one reason I like my online life, my worst habit is not detectable.

I am uncomfortable in 1:1 conversations which annoys me a lot.  It was something I used to partake of with ease but sadly not anymore.  I have become almost antisocial and when I do venture into a public place it is a struggle for me to remember the norms of conversation.  I know that I look to hubby a lot to distract attention from me and to help me if in my anxiety I can not manage the conversation.

I need to get my confidence back and to where conversations with someone other than hubby is the norm and not a rarity.  I do not believe I will ever be a social butterfly but I would like to be able to enjoy social outings that I choose to go on.  I will continue to work on respecting the person talking and just enjoying that moment of listening.



  1. Awkward conversation? I know nothing about that. I have always floating in and out of online worlds because for some reason it is a lot easier to socialize through writing than in person. Have you came up with any ways to maybe get yourself out in public in simple ways that seem doable? Just curious, I know from your previous blog posts it seems like you are always looking for solutions so I figure, you must have something up your sleeve for this one.

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      1. Do you have meetup groups where you live? Around me they have everything from book clubs to board game nights, hiking, knitting, almost anything. I’m would think maybe finding a group for a hobby you know a lot about might be good bc you would have a wealth of things to maybe say on a subject. Just a thought.


      2. I am tempting to talk myself into an adult colouring group but the thought of sitting and having to converse is a bit beyond me atm. I keep working at it though. Thanks for the suggestion!

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