As the lashes of darkness descend …

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Saturday Night

Tell us about the most exciting big night out you had recently.


We spent the day going from my mum & dad’s house to hubby’s mum & dad.  It was fun catching up after the Christmas rush that we had largely missed during to hubby being sick and my fractured ankle.  It was a beautiful day and the drive between our parental homes was pleasant.

When we left hubby’s parents home we picked up the makings for tea (our evening meal) from a nearby supermarket.  We got soft fresh buns that smelt so good and were still warm from their recent bake.  We paired this with Dijon mustard and cheese slices for ease of use.  There was a lovely fresh salad to round the meal off.  We were even able to find some fruit salad tubs to make a refreshing desert.

We drove to the beach.  Hubby and I joined a number of other people walking along the shore.  We didn’t know anyone but we shared a common pleasure in the setting.  Now and then we dipped our toes into the surf.  We were too relaxed for the hassle of actually swimming, having to change clothes and then dry off etc etc.  The sun was slowly sinking into the top of the horizon, like it was having its own dip.

When ready hubby and I sat on our blanket on the warm sand.  The blanket soaks up some of that warm and transfers it to us.  We make our buns up and sit watching the water as we eat.  The odd sea gull ventures near and we treat them with some bread.   We are so relaxed lapping up the serenity of the setting as much as the sounds of the outgoing surf.

After tea we sit close with our arms embracing each other.  We watch dusk setting into early evening.  The stars arrive like a silent fireworks display.  Their brightness as they blink into sight on the inky black backdrop.  As the lashes of darkness descend we pack up our belongings and head back to the car.

It may not be what anyone else thought of as an “exciting night out” but for me it was perfect.


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