Watching Weight

Tomorrow is a week since I reignited my weight control efforts.  I signed up for Weight Watchers last Friday (22/01/2016)  and attended a meeting in Palmerston North the next day.  I was not surprised at my weight.  I have hit another all time high.  It is disappointing that I had got down to a great weight, I was looking fit and I let it all go. I am finding that my mind wasn’t ready and it wasn’t a life time change, more of a lifestyle one, otherwise I would have kept it up no matter the distraction.

I tried Atkins and I did lose 5 kilos in a week but I struggled with the amount of carbs I had to eat.  While I see great value in this dietary regime I believe that a lot of the weight I lost was more a cessation of my junk food splurging as much as following the plan.  I do really well on a prescribed plan.  I just stick to it rigidly.  That isn’t the problem it is the longevity of the results that evade me.  I prefer Weight Watchers because I like the fruit and vegetable freedom it offers me.

So the arthritis appointment in summary was lose weight.  I need to in order to walk easier, to reduce pain, to be eligible for surgery, to reduce my blood pressure and just to be a healthier person.  They suggested Weight Watchers and I have to say that I had been thinking of it.  However when I went looking I was really surprised with the high tech approach compared to my previous membership quite some time ago.  It has a lot of online and mobile support within it.

I like that I can pretty much track my food and my fitness through my phone.  I never have to guess on food, I can scan it or manually search BEFORE I eat the item.  I am also able to connect to other Weight Watcher members and get and/or give support.  Its a great support aid.  I chose to attend meetings and get some 1:1 encouragement.  I am also a member of the local Face Book group. The whole wrap around support approach really appeals to me.

On the second day hubby wanted to check that this diet was workable for him (lol) so we had McDonald’s.  He got what he wanted and I had a really nice salad and diet drink.  It worked for both of us.  Weight Watchers is about tracking and not abstinence of anything. You have your points and you can spend them as you wish.  Hubby loves scanning items and telling me the points.  He is also now eating wraps after I introduced him to them by having them on the bench while making lunch lol he grabbed one and loved it so much he has had wraps each day for lunch!  As always he is my strongest supporter and just believes in me.

So at 5 days in I went to the Feilding Weight Watchers meeting and weighed in.  I was delighted to lose 2.6 kilos.  I had eaten well and I was really pleased with that.  I had challenged myself to swimming on a public beach and to just wear what I wanted and take the pressure off myself in wondering how I looked.  But what really made me happy was that I can get fit points from housework activities.  That is great since I can’t walk that well or long but I can gain the daily amount of fit points anyway.

I am excited about the Charge HR Fitbit that is coming in the mail and was part of joining Weight Watchers for a year.  It will automatically add my steps and monitor my blood pressure.  That means that I can monitor how bad my stress is.  I tried one on in Harvey Norman and was really surprised at how comfortable it felt.  It is like a gel more than a hard plastic.  I can not wait till mine arrives.

I believe that this year will enable me to get control of my life in a lot of different ways.  I have new purpose that helps me with my depression.  I find myself wanting to do some activity rather than just sped my day sitting.  I have worked out my knee can take 30 mins before needing a rest and that is valuable knowledge for when we go out.  I really want to take control of more of my life and I know Weight Watchers will support this.  It is quite exciting!




  1. Good on you Joining Weight Watchers. I am a member, but I don’t follow the points plan, but really need the meetings. Just remember you have to find what works for you and fits your lifestyle. I could never give up carbs either. Good luck and just remember it’s a journey and there will be ups and downs. Don’t be hard on yourself, just start from wherever you are.

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