Neighbourhood Watch

Day 25 —Write a story about ‘What the Neighbors Saw.

It was late at night when Janice peaked out of her closed curtains.  She had heard some sharp shrieks followed by incessant banging and rattling.  Ahh a neighbour had left putting out their recycling bin till the last minute.  The Council guys pick them up early so it is best to get them out the night before.  Most of us do it in the waning evening light but obviously this neighbour is running very late.

As much as Janice can see from the light cast by the streetlights, there is even more to hear.   She knows the sound of a recycling bin descending the shared driveway as it often draws her to look out her street facing window.  Then she hears the movement of rubbish bags and the other bins being moved to fit this new arrival.  There is the odd crash as the glass buckets are dropped out of the way.  But then there is a weird silence.  Why can Janice not hear the sounds of the return walk up the driveway?

Janice peers through the curtains and see the neighbour bent at the waist with her rather ample butt staring her straight in the face.  It seems that the neighbour had gone to bed and then remembered that it was recycling day.  Janice was quite impressed with what she must wear to bed.  She has a husband and still dresses like a street walker at night. Janice thought married women would just let themselves go as they no longer needed to catch a man!

“You really can learn something every day! “

Janice was quite pleased with her observation.  It wasn’t snooping it was educational. Then a thought struck her,

“Why was the neighbours butt in the air?”

Janice was quite shocked, the neighbour she thought of as affluent was fishing in the glass buckets!  It was even more disconcerting when the neighbour grabbed something. looked round like a thief about to be caught and hurried back to her house up the drive. Janice was quite floored.  Literally as much as figuratively as she tripped backwards and onto her butt when she was trying to escape being caught staring at the thieving neighbour!

As Janice returned to her bed she realised she had learnt a great deal new about a neighbour that she thought she already knew.  She would never have picked that nightwear ensemble or that the neighbour would be a thief!  True the item from the glass bucket was something that had been thrown away but still! What else was she “liberating” from the neighbourhood?  Janice decided to increase her observations, after all it was her duty and what else would a shut in do to fill in her time?





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