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Day 25: What is your opinion on forced/coercion in mental health treatment? Can be legal (law enforcement or psychiatric holds) or a “helping” friend/family member.

I have experienced both legal psychiatric holds and “helping” from my hubby.  To be honest in each case I was not in a position to critically analyse my mental state and make logical decisions.  Bottom line is that hospitalisation saved my life.

When it was my husband “helping” me I admit to initial anger with him.  I wanted to die and he wanted me to live.  Not very much common ground there.  In fact it became a battleground.  I read a quote on Facebook that sums how I felt:



That was the internal battle and hubby firmly sided with my body.   Hubby’s point of view was that life was the only important thing.  My point of view was that the quality of that life is important.

I do believe that when a person is a risk to themselves or others the health professionals need the legal capacity to hospitalise them for their and other people’s safety.  The person wanting to die is more than likely to not be in the state of mind to care about their own life.  However, saving someone’s life is not enough.

The health professionals need to help the person out of crisis and into a sustainable health state.  Leaving them alone without the necessary resources, be they internal coping mechanisms or external support, seems pointless.  At the least, hubby has always worked with me after initially working against me to save my life.



  1. It definitely seems necessary in some cases. I agree though, the typically way of doing things doesn’t seem to really help, if it is just to monitor and release someone. There really needs to be a better mental health system overall.

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