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Life After Blogs:  Your life without a computer: what does it look like?


I would go with a frigging nightmare for the first few days of undoing everything I now do online between my smart phone and my computer.  It could be a nightmare finding phone numbers etc and doing my diet plan on paper.  However it took a while to get online as much as I am now.  So time to reverse this is expected.

I think the major difference is that I would do things on paper that I do at the moment online.  Like my diet plan calculations and support group (in my defense I go to a local support group as well as online for support).  For most things I do a mixture of online and offline recording or collecting.  I still love actual books, writing a diary and framing photos.  But I also love the ebook accessibility, logging items into lists online and digital photo albums.

The cats would fit onto my lap rather than fighting with my gamer size laptop for space.  I believe I would be more lonely (bar the cats of course).  I have a lot of friends that I only have online access to.  They live overseas.  I would miss that and I am not currently able to socialise in my local area.

I definitely believe that it would be hard for me to revert to a purely offline life.  With anxiety and depression it can be really hard to socialise in person.  I do much better online with the mental distance that online provides for me.

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