Day 23 —Pretend you’re a cartoon character.  What type of a character would you be?  What would a day in your life be like?


I would be a cat.  My day would be like that of my cat Chicken.  I believe (or rather she does lol) other cats would be fascinated in her daily life, she is a little eccentric.

As you can see in the selection of photos below Chicken is pudgy but active.




My day begins with a stretch.  It is unnecessary to stand.  I just move my paws and twitch my tail.  I then send my pal (read as servant) B1 to scout out if ALL the food dishes have been filled.  Why waste my energy when he will expend his.  Depending on the report back determines whether I saunter down to the the food or return to sleep.

When I arrive at the food bowls, I inspect all of them.  I know my human servants say it is the same food in each but they can not be trusted!  I have heard them banter about my weight, even going as far as mentioning the “pudgy” word.  Now that better mean sexy or svelte and it better be banter and not serious because … well … just look at me!!

It may look like I am asleep in my food bowls but that is a trick.  I am covering the spare food with my body.  It means I get more than my share as none of the other interlopers want my fur in their meal.  It also takes great effort to lay in a way that still allows me to eat and not choke.  It is a skill! Go on try it! Lay on your stomach with your back legs flayed out the back and eat OVER the lip of the bowl!  I have oft wondered if the designer of these bowls is sadistic, flat to the floor would be much more useful to me.

I do have a well worked routine.  I like to have a daily shower.  Not with my servant as they seem to like nasty soap.  But after they climb out and the last of the water is beginning to drain away.  I like watching water going down the drain and as long as I switch sides I can get all of me washed quite quickly.  I can also have a drink.  I am all about energy conservation, well at least mine.

When I was younger and possibly slimmer I did enjoy a bath. Curling up on my servants chest and pat the water lapping at her with my paws.  I do not approve of full submersion it is unnecessary and the noise I am forced to make is quite unpleasant to the ear.  I am opposed to rain as it is has unauthorised and uncontrolled  access to my body.  That is just unacceptable!

After my shower the servant leaves a towel on the floor and I roll on that till I am dry. Then I can get into the ALL important task of the day.  Finding the best place to lay on my back with my back legs wide open and and my front legs bent delicately or over my eyes if the room is too bright.  I prefer the bed, the hall, the toilet mat, the shower or anywhere the servants are are about to walk.

I love gardening with the servant.  She is quite nice in removing excess green stuff so I can dig a hole.  I only dig long enough to climb in and roll.  Can you believe what the other cats want to do with the hole I laboured over?  That is just wrong.  I do like a shower after my dirt bath because as enjoyable as it was it is still dirt and my fur is not for long term dirt cartage.

The food trips continue throughout the days with the initial surveillance by B1 and every once in a while I like to let him sleep with me or dig holes but overall hes just another servant.  A cat of such personage as I must have a variety of servants.  The day ends as it began.  A  lite snack after perusing all the options.  Then I curl up on my servant’s pillow. I will gift her with a purr if I am well fed and feeling indulgent.  One must keep the servants happy to ensure the best care.

Writer note:  I wish that I could draw this, it could be funny sketching out the hilarious positions that Chicken gets into.




What do you think?

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