R23: Violent Exposure

Violent Exposure by Katherine Howell


This book fits in with the series about Detective Ella Marconi and the paramedics in her area.   It is Howell’s fourth novel.  Once again I am reading a series out of order.  Some of the characters in this book relate to Deserving Death, which I reviewed previously. However, this novel is a stand alone and like Deserving Death has a central crime, that impacts on the paramedics and police.  The plot line is deepened with details about the lives of these characters.

This is a library book and I am not going to reap it.  Its a relaxing easy read but it doesn’t excite me.  Not enough to merit a space on my bookshelves.  I wonder if it is because the strands of the paramedics and the police might be better separated and explored rather than being threaded together in one plot.   See what you think.

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