Keys to the chest

Day 22 —You wake up with a key gripped tightly in your hand.  How did you get this key?  What does it lock or unlock?


I had a bad day dealing with people who just sucked my energy dry and then rather than say thanks or ask how I am, they drain off just a bit more.  So I go to bed with all this swirling around in my head.  When I wake there is a key in my left hand.  It feels embedded in my skin I am holding onto the key so tightly.  When I finally unclasp my hand I can see the outline of the key in my reddened palm.  My fingers actually sting now that they are not wrapped around that key.

After the physical discomfort has died down I suddenly wonder why I am clasping this key in the first place.  It isn’t one of ours because none of our doors require a brass key.  I have no memory of it from last night or where I may have gone to pick it up.  Oh my gosh was I wandering around outside in my old ratty pajamas? Please let no one have seen me and especially not photographed me and put it on Social Media.

I have no idea where the key fits.  That is until I turn my head to the right and see the shining golden chest on my hubby’s bedside cabinet.  It most certainly wasn’t there last night!  I can see that the key should fit that lock.  But do I want to open the chest?  What if it is like Pandora’s box?  What if things sneak out and ruin the world because I opened it?  Or is it magical and can change everything or nothing?

I squeeze my eyes shut in the hopes that the key and chest will disappear, taking the need for a decision off my hands.  Alas the chest does not disappear when I open my eyes.  I make my decision on opening it.  I put the chest on the top of my kitchen table with the key on top and head into work.  Hubby gets home before I do so he can deal with it.



What do you think?

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