Swimming in public

I went swimming on a public beach today.  I had a long top over my one piece swimsuit but I took that off when it got water logged.  So I was pretty much the most exposed in public that I have been for a long time.  What surprised me is that after an initial panic at how many people were on the beach I just did my thing and I enjoyed it.  I even got hubby to snap a photo of me in my togs after the swim.

I am pushing myself to wear what I like.  I am wearing what makes me comfortable and not taking into account the potential views or opinions of people that see me wearing them.  My objective is to accept me as I am, no matter the shape or size.  To wear what I am comfortable in and to just let it be.

I have to make this work because when I lose weight the issue of compliments on my changed shape come into play.  I just panic at a compliment on my body.  To them it is an acknowledgement that I have achieved something, they mean it as a positive thing.  For me it represents that someone was watching me enough to note my changing shape and that makes me anxious.  For this lifestyle to become a permanent change rather than a diet fad I need to come to grips with my body image issues.e

I won’t always blog on this weight loss journey and I certainly am not going to post the photo from the beach here, I don’t feel quite that brave.  The photo is on the private weight watchers site as encouragement for me to be comfortable as I am.  For this blog very now and then I might discuss an intention or an insight gained.



  1. Good job and I completely know what you mean. I always want to avoid the first person who notices my weight loss. I often wonder, what else do they notice about? That grey hair? Overgrown eyebrow? The truth is, like you said, allowing the public to control what we think of ourselves is a problem that has to be faced. Good luck as you move forward.

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  2. Well done on both your weight loss and on having the confidence to wear just your costume on the beach. Being able to accept your body and shape and to not care what other people think is hard but rewarding. Good luck. 🙂

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