Lean on you

Day 20: Where do you get your support?

This is a longer list than it might have been previous to 2015.  My major support is my hubby.  He often sees more potential in me than I do.  He will also often come to appointments etc with me so that I can function in them.

I have a really excellent Psychiatrist now and she is working with me, rather than to me, for the medication combinations that will be effectively.  We have a goal of getting me to where I can be a fully engaged and functioning member of society.  To be able to work again.

I am working with a counsellor who is able to challenge my comfort zone but not push me so far that I become unsafe.  I find it helps me establish how I actually am, in comparison to how I think or feel I am.  There can be quite a difference between these two.

My spiritual brother is a huge source of support.  I can text him anytime and he gets back to me as soon as he can.  He rarely offers advice but when he does it is usually dead on for me.  But he also never says “I told you so” which is brilliant.

I have family that are excellent but I am reluctant to fully inform them because it just feels like I am a burden.  Intellectually, I know that they would not consider me a burden but its a life time of keeping my mental health a secret and that can be a hard habit to break.   Some of them have their own health issues and do not need worrying about me adding to them.

I am doing Weight Watchers by group coaching.  This is a great support because it is people on a similar journey and that can keep me on track.  It gets me out of the house and socialising which I need to do more of.  I also need practice at it because I tend to self isolate a lot.


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