Hubby and I: together and alone

My Favorite:

What’s the most time you’ve ever spent apart from your favorite person?

Tell us about it.


When I first got married I was very dependent on hubby.  He was my partner, friend and my security blanket.  I struggled to sleep alone, mainly because hubby helped me to recover faster from the nightmares that used to plaque me.

I have gradually got better.  It is also 26 years or so since we married.  We have both grown in that time.  Unfortunately my anxiety and depression have also worsened.  I got to where I could be away from home and hubby overnight and cope.  I was also able to let hubby go away on work courses overnight.

The real test came in 2013 when hubby was chosen to travel to Australia for two weeks.  It would have been the longest time we were apart since we married in 1989.  Hubby’s workmates were convinced that he wouldn’t be able to go because they were familiar with him declining because of me.

I wanted him to go and we decided that he should stay there the whole two weeks and not come home in the middle.  So that he could explore Brisbane.  It was his first overseas trip. I had declined an earlier trip because of the timing with my studying.  As yet I have never been overseas and I don’t have a passport.

It was a hard two weeks for me.  Hubby phoned me daily and we had email if we needed it. I had some excellent support in my friend T whose wife was away at the time.  We leaned on each other for company.  I also had my parents dropping by.

I worked out a plan to keep me busy.  Alongside the assignments due.  I renovated his office with new wall colour and shelving.  I also put down some flooring mats.  It was a hectic time stripping wallpaper and then painting.  I even got an electrician in on short notice to put in more power points.

I have found over time that I have become more comfortable with being on my own and even enjoying it.  I still prefer being with hubby than alone but I have the choice of both and that is a great place to be in.

Source:  23/01/2016 Daily Prompt


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