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What bores you?


What bores me?  I am going with Mathematics or math to make it seem more warm and friendly than it really is.  Numbers bore me.  There is none of the excitement I feel when working with words.  I can’t build imaginary worlds with numbers they are just concrete and well, boring.  Any mystery for me in maths is in the mystery that anyone could chose to and actually like doing math.

In fact some math can simply panic me.  I can do basic math equations and I am competent with a calculator.  When I worked in the Odeon Theatre we used to manually add up customer prices.  We would break out the calculator on a large order but otherwise it was all done in our heads.  My dad is amazing with numbers but sadly he did not pass that on to me.

Math may be going out of fashion. In 2013, in a class that I was note taking for I taught the group I was with how to do old school long form math.  They had always used their calculators and had no idea on the workings required to get to the answer.  Their teacher wanted the answer AND all the workings.  This was one of my few good moments in math, I knew more than the much younger group I was with.

Math is just not my thing.  If I look enthralled doing math, it may be that I feel asleep with my eyes open. Please don’t wake me up.


Source of this prompt:  Daily prompt: 22/01/2016

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