R21: Badlands

Badlands by C J Box

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Another Box novel that doesn’t disappoint.  This is a stand alone novel but definitely sets up for a second book  (The Highway) with the same characters.  I found it unusual for the story I was reading to so directly set up for the next book.  The Pickett series has individual plots that begin and conclude within each novel.  There are obvious links to other books in the series but the set up for The Highway is threaded early into the plot of Badlands.  It didn’t distract or detract from the plot of Badlands it was just worth mentioning as something new within Box’s writing.

I loved Badlands, it focuses on small town Grimstad, North Dakota that has been revived with the discovery of oil, the introduction of gangs following the money and police corruption.  The primary protagonist is Detective Cassie Dewar who moves into her new job in Grimstad with a crime hanging over her head that will be the plot line of The Highway.  The other prominent protagonist is 12 year old Kyle Westergaard who lives with a learning disability and speech impediment.  It is an interesting perspective comparing that of the detective and the young boy.

Keep it (if it wasn’t a library book) and definitely reap it when I can.  I must confess I found two more Box books today and can not wait to dive into them.  I also found two From Lyndon Stacey which I equally can not wait to consume.  I will read wider but at the moment I am enthralled in these two new authors to me.




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