Me and Hubby

Witness Protection

When you do something scary or stressful —
bungee jumping, public speaking, etc. —
do you prefer to be surrounded by friends or by strangers? Why?


I am taking this prompt for a wee ride.  When I am scared or stressed I want my husband with me.  So the first time I had to fly alone I was doubly terrified: flying and no hubby.  I came up with the “bright” idea of doing a bungy jump to cure my fear of flying.  Do not ask me about how I got that bright idea!

So the day before the flight I travelled to the nearest bungee jump, the Mokai Gravity Canyon.  Looking at the picture below I bungee jumped off that bridge!  It is NZ’s highest bridge bungee at 80 metres.  I backed out once and we went to lunch at a nearby town and then I went back again.  I gathered my courage and I jumped!!


Source:  Mokai Gravity Canyon

As a consequence I am terrified of flying AND bungy jumping!!

The other wee glitch was that hubby had the single role of videoing my jump.  However HE was so scared he forgot to press play.  I declined the kind offer to do it again!!.

I can do most things independently but for the more scary things like bungy jumping and public speaking I do it easier with my “security blanket”, my hubby.  Poor man hears my speech practice so much he could deliver it!!

My boss was a tetriplegic, which he said he was grateful for since I had my fingers clenched tight onto his poor thigh.  I was terrified.  On the flight back I was on my own so I pretty much just shook the whole way.  I pity the person that sat beside me.

In the choice of friend or stranger, I prefer strangers because I might never see them again.  That means if my speech sucks I might never hear about it again!


Gravity Canyon Video Source


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